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New Stories This Week

Posted on: January 19th, 2022 by Shannon Fay No Comments

Hello all! I have a scheduled post coming up recapping my short stories published in 2021, but I need to preempt that by trumpeting more recent news.

On Monday, my story ‘Flesh of My Fin’ went live at Daily Science Fiction. It is yet another mermaid story, but it’s also a story about family secrets and  reconciliation (it’s also a story about sexuality and finding common ground with your parent).

Flesh of My Fin

Also this week, my story ‘Fight for the Stars’ was reprinted over at Bullet Points. It’s a story I really like, and Bullet Points is a really cool market, publishing spec stories that focus on war but shies away from rah-rah military sci-fi. I’m really happy to see this story getting a second life.

Fight for the Stars


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