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Hi. My name is Shannon Fay, I’m a writer, and this is my website. Through the ‘Works’ tab you can see a list of my published stories and articles. Click ‘Bio’ if you want to learn more (but not all) about me. Go to ‘Contact’ if you want to get in touch. As for ‘Blog,’ well, I’ll leave that one as a surprise.


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Posted on August 22nd, 2014 by Shannon Fay | No Comments

Week three was the week of the heat wave. We sought respite from the heat by working down in the basement. The basement mainly consisted of a large, windowless study room and several ‘sleeping porches’ which were basically huge dorm rooms packed with bunk beds. They were hella creepy. Just bunk beds, stripped of any personal effects, the doors decorated by construction paper moon and stars and words that seemed sinister when taken out of context (‘Dream big, little ones.’ Dream of what? The Elder Gods?). Basically, it looked like some kind of nursery for monsters.

(It was actually where some of the sorority girls slept during the year. I’m not calling them monsters, I’m sure they are all very nice. But that room…)

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