A Year on Saturn

...is approximately 29.7 Earth years.

"A Year on Saturn" is the website of Shannon Fay,
freelance and fiction writer.

Hi. My name is Shannon Fay, I’m a writer, and this is my website. Through the ‘Works’ tab you can see a list of my published stories and articles. Click ‘Bio’ if you want to learn more (but not all) about me. Go to ‘Contact’ if you want to get in touch. As for ‘Blog,’ well, I’ll leave that one as a surprise.


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Clarion West Week Five

Posted on April 18th, 2015 by Shannon Fay | No Comments

First off, congrats to the class of 2015! Also, congrats to any future Clarion West acceptees reading this (not only for getting into Clarion but for somehow rescuing the dwindling bee population and saving life as we know it. From the people of 2015, I speak for everyone when I say ‘phew, that was close one.’)

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