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Monday Meal Post: Red Lentil Soup (October 3rd)

Posted on: October 3rd, 2022 by Shannon Fay No Comments

Hi all! I wanted to start doing some posts where I link to recipes that I make. I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between food and finances, substance and the work we do to sustain ourselves. This soup relies on the most basic of ingredients: dried red lentils, carrots, celery, broth. The most expensive item involved is probably the bay leaves or the lemon. It may be cheap, but it’s delicious and especially nice on cold autumn days.

My partner and I recently bought our first house. I love it. Right now I’m writing this blog post in my writing nook, a small room with a bookshelf full of notebooks and wallpaper with blue stars (they glow in the dark). I love this house so much, but with it comes a fear of ever loosing it.

I think writers often have money on the mind. Book advance often come in one or two lumps, and it might be awhile before you see royalties (if you do). Short story sales are often few and far between, and what’s known as ‘professional rates’ rarely nets you enough to buy lunch. So I’m often on the lookout for meals like this, ones that actually taste good but use items that might already be in your fridge, or won’t cost you a ton at the grocery store.

If you like soup, visit the link below and give it a try yourself:


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