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2017 in Review

Posted on: December 21st, 2017 by Shannon Fay No Comments

One of my goals is to blog more in 2018, but honestly I hate blogging. Here’s how much I hate it: I hate it so much that I won’t even do it in order to procrastinate actually writing stuff. Usually I will clean the whole house and before finally sitting down to work on my novel/a short story, but I’ll still do it before I write a blog post.

But I am pretty proud of the things I achieved in 2017, proud enough that it outweighs my aversion to talking about myself on the internet.

Short Stories
I had (or, will have) four stories published this year. Back in January my little horror/sci-fi story ‘Goes Both Ways‘ was published in Daily Science Fiction. It took three years and a dozen rejections before this story found a home at DSF, so if you’ve got a story you believe in getting rejected left and right, don’t give up! Keep sending it out!

That said, I do have kind of mixed feelings towards ‘Goes both Ways’ as I wrote it so many years ago. ‘A Seed on The Ground,’ however, I wrote in January of this year. It’s a fantasy flash story about being on the edges of a conflict. I’m really proud of it and am glad to see other people have enjoyed it as well.

I have one more story coming up in Daily Science Fiction this year: on Boxing Day my story ‘Prodigal Daughter’ is due to go out. It features two sisters arguing as a numbers station threatens to tear them apart. I’m really tickled that it’s being published during the holiday season when a lot of people are having their own family dramas (that may or may not involve other-worldly radio stations).

Outside the sf/f genre, I also had a short romance story published.

I am all about horror films, so I was happy to share my thoughts on the genre in reviews of ‘Blair Witch‘ (thumbs down) and ‘XX‘ (thumbs up).

Other Stuff
I finished the secondish draft on a 110,000 word fantasy novel. I wrote twenty new short stories (most of them flash, but they still count). In my day job as a freelancer I worked on several manga releases.

Phew! The other thing I hate about blog posts is that they always take more time to write than you expect them to. If you have read this far and are genuinely interested in knowing what I am up to, please follow me on twitter: @shannonLfay. I’m not a majorly prolific tweeter, but I am on there more often than I’m on my own website.

See you all in 2018!

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