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A different kind of Clarion West update

Posted on: September 10th, 2014 by Shannon Fay No Comments

Ugh, I know I was supposed to have posted a Week Four Clarion West update Friday, and the Friday before that, but I was too busy squeezing the last drops of summer from the season and then recovering from having my widsom teeth yanked out. Since I’ve most been taking it easy (aka lying on the couch watching grainy episodes of ‘Murder in Small Town X‘ on Youtube) I decided it would be a good time to catch up on what some of my fellow westies have been up to (aka, which of these talented mamma-jammas have gone and gotten published).

First up, I finally read Alison Wilgus’s comic,  A Stray in the Woods. Alison is not only a talented writer, she is also a fantastic cartoonist. A Stray in the Woods is a webcomic she created the help of her tumblr fanbase. Alison would pose a problem for her main character, a cat that wakes up in a strange house, and then choose what happened next from her reader’s suggestions. The result is a very charming, atmospheric comic. I especially liked the resolution, and a reveal that took me totally by surprise while still fitting the world.

Chinelo Onwualu meanwhile has sold one of her Clarion West stories already, a first for the 2014 class. You can read her fantastic (though very unsettling) story ‘Tasting Gomoa’ at Ideaomancer.

Rich Larson continues on his path to world domination with a haunting story ‘The Air we Breath is Stormy, Stormy‘ in Strange Horizons.

And if you prefer to listen to your stories, Folly Blaine’s story ‘The Truth About Woodpeckers’ has been produced by Toasted Cake.

I hope that will keep you all busy until I get back on track with my Clarion West posts. And if not, well, there will be more linky posts to come, as my class was packed with talented writers and it won’t be long before they have even more stuff out there for you to read.


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