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Day 1 of Promo Week!

Posted on: June 5th, 2014 by Shannon Fay No Comments

I have a bunch of stuff coming up that needs promoting, so the theme of this blog for the next week will be me trumpeting various stuff I’m involved in. Consider yourself warned!

First up, this Saturday I am doing a graveyard tour of the Camp Hill Cemetery, one of the oldest grave yards in Halifax. If you are in town, please come! My biggest fear is that no one will show up (my second biggest fear is that people will in fact show up. I have a complicated relationship with public speaking).

Here’s the summary from the Facebook even page:

As part of 100in1Day, I will be giving tours of Camp Hill Cemetery. Tours begin at 10:30, 11:00, and 11:30. We will meet at the Summer Street entrance. Learn about where Halifax’s hangings used to be conducted, what the symbols on different grave markers represent, and where Halifax used to dump its ‘night soil’ in the days before indoor plumbing.

And here is the Facebook page itself.

I’m doing this as part of 100in1Day, a Canada wide event to get people more involved with their city. It encourages people to create events (or, as they called them ‘interventions,’ which sounds both condescending and problematic IMHO. I just want to give a cemetery tour here) that help people reconnect with their city, become more environmentally conscious, or think about public space in a different way. I’m basically just using it to put my love of graveyards to use.

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