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Girl Friends vol.2 Now on Sale

Posted on: January 17th, 2013 by Shannon Fay No Comments

Actually, it’s been on sale for over a week, but whatever. The point is it’s now on sale!

Super-cute and popular high school girl Akko Oohashi has transformed her new friend Mariko in more ways than one. Not only has she inducted Mariko into a circle of new friends and helped her overcome her shyness and sense of isolation, but both girls have awakened feelings they never knew they had.

In the course of their evolving relationship, Akko and Mariko have struggled against every emotional hurdle one would expect from a burgeoning romance between high school girls. One big question remains: are they ready to face the world as a couple?

‘Girl Friends’ is a fantastic shojo-ai (girl’s love) manga that manages to be cute and fluffy while still down to earth. I was really pleased to work on it with Seven Seas and hope that people enjoy it as much as volume 1. Buy it from Amazon here.


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