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Lissa’s Girl Friends vol.1 review

Posted on: November 16th, 2012 by Shannon Fay No Comments

My friend Lissa Pattillo is a person of amazing and diverse talents. Not only does she do web design (like for example, this site) and run the manga review site Kuriousity.ca, she also reviews manga for The Coast, our city’s weekly alternative newspaper. This week she reviewed Girl Friends vol.1, a really great series that I worked on for Seven Seas. Here’s her review:

Known as one of the best of its kind in its native Japan, Girl Friends is the story of budding love between two female classmates. The slow burn of their relationship feels refreshing when so many love stories rush into romances with unbelievable haste. It’s a charming story of friendship, school life and social acceptance, heartbreaking in its portrayal of the confusion, jealousy and shame that arises as a young teen realizes her feelings towards her friend are changing. Any reader can empathize with the emotions felt at some point or another, and that the story is about two young women makes it perhaps all the more important, especially LBGTQ teens looking for media they can relate to. Girl Friends is released in English via affordable omnibus editions (volume one falls just short of 500 pages), so it won’t affect readers’ wallets anywhere near as much as their hearts.

-Lissa Pattillo

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