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Best Easter Ever? Just Maybe

I am very proud to announce that I have won the James White Award. The announcement was made Sunday and I’ve just been grinning ever since. Interzone is one of my favourite sci-fi/fantasy magazines, so knowing that a story of mine will soon be published in it’s pages is both fantastic and a little surreal. Aliette de Bodard, one of the judges, had this to say about my story:

A wonderful, strong voice and a delightful set-up. It’s hard to do original stories involving bargains with the Devil, but I thought this one managed to offer a fresh take and an poignant and effective ending.

I’m a big fan of hers, which makes her comments mean all that much more (if you haven’t read her short story Immersion yet you should, as well as her Obsidian & Blood series).

So yeah, it’s hard to top ‘coming back from the dead,’ but as far as my Easter accomplishments go this is my personal best.