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Blog Post up Over at Penumbra

I’ve written a blog post about Writing What You Love for Penumbra magazine’s site. Unlike the posts here, for Penumbra I actually put time and effort into it (I even got another person to look it over for me. Do you think I bother with that here? Heck, I don’t even read over the posts here before clicking publish).

I should also note that I have a story in an Penumbra’s upcoming H.G. Wells issue, out this June (which is people tell me is coming up. I don’t know. I have a calendar but I try not to look at it too often [it’s a Disney/Thomas Kincaid themed calendar. Every month I cringe when I flip it over to see what pastel horror awaits me. I wouldn’t even have it up but it was a gift from my six-year-old brother {which is weird because he usually has better taste}]). My story is called ‘Colossus’ and seeing as it is a very short story, saying too much about it would be wandering into spoiler territory. But, in the theme of ‘Write What You Love,’ I will say that it involves two things I love to write about: paranoid machines and the history of computers.

Also, my story ‘You First Meet the Devil at a Church Fete’ has been published in the May-June issue of Interzone. If you live in a city cool enough to sell Interzone, please check it out. I thought my city was cool, and then I realized that all the magazine stories are an issue behind when it comes to UK magazines. Still, even though I haven’t seen a copy firsthand myself yet I am still super proud to be published in it and to be able to share my story with so many people.

Also also, a romance short story of mine is in this week’s issue of Woman’s World magazine. so if you can’t find Interzone, there’s always that.