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‘Small Town, Big Hearts’ out in this week’s Woman’s World

My friend E.S. and I often complain to each other about the freelancing life (she sews/designs costumes, I write stories and articles). Whenever I start whinging about how there’s too much work and that the deadlines are looming, she’s points out that it’s better than no work at all. Freelancing is a constant ebb and flow, days of heavy rain and weeks of dry, parched ground.

And when you get a breakthrough, a couple of them all come at once. Earlier this week my story ‘House Hunting’ was published in issue #1 of Crowded Magazine (buy it here). On top of that, a romance story of mine, ‘Small Town, Big Hearts’ was published in this week’s Woman’s World magazine (buy it at any North American supermarket). So that’s two short stories of mine published in one week. Usually I go months without a story of mine seeing print, and now two of them have been published within days of each other. Ebb and flow, rain and sun.