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2021 in Review (Part 2!) Short Stories

Posted on: January 23rd, 2022 by Shannon Fay No Comments

Aside from novel stuff, I also wrote a bunch about six new short stories:

Word of Mouth


Cold Hands

Thirst Trap

Burn Beside Me

Table for One (this one has already sold!)

Newfoundland GothicĀ (working title)

All these were pieces of flash fiction–it’s all I can really fit in around writing novels, and honestly, I really enjoy writing micro-fics. In 2022 my goal is to write even more of them; I have a challenge going on with my old Clarion West classmates where we write a short story every month based on the Flame Tree Press newsletter prompt (Jan.,2022’s prompt is ‘bioengineering’ and I feel like I’ve already had my fill of that topic thanks to the panini, but hopefully I can think of something new).

In 2021 I had a handful of short stories published (all at Daily Science Fiction):

March 2021, ‘Murky Waters

A mermaid/angler fish parable.


July 2021, ‘Eat You Up’

The longest story on this list (by which I mean it’s a whopping 1,500 words rather than 250-350 like the other stories). It’s also the one I’m most proud of. A sci-fi story about a young woman going to her job and then eating a meal with her family.


August 2021, ‘Meat Off the Bone’

Uhh, yet another mermaid story. I swear I don’t usually write about mermaids all that much.


November 2021, The Red Queen

A revenge story featuring a queen and her unicorn friend.


I promise I will someday soon update the recent works widget to include these stories…and update the general works tab…and post about the books I read in 2021.





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