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Story at Daily Science Fiction; ‘A Special Day’

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by Shannon Fay No Comments

A story of mine is online at Daily Science Fiction today. Go check it out!


(If you came to this blog after reading the story, don’t click the link! You’ll be sucked into a never-ending whirlpool where you read the story, click on the link for this blog, then click on the link for the story, then click on the link for this blog, then click on the link for the story…)

For ‘A Special Day’ I wanted to write a simple, suspenseful story. Surprise is easy, but tension? That’s hard. Hitchcock once illustrated the difference by saying: “There’s two people having breakfast and there’s a bomb under the table. If it explodes, that’s a surprise. But if it doesn’t…” Now, I really do love Hitchcock, but I think he’s selling himself short here. If you have interesting, sharp characters doing the talking, you don’t need a bomb under the table: they are the bomb. I was trying to go for that kind of suspense with this story and I think I got it.

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