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Clever Bits

I have collected some of my previously published short stories into a book. That book is now for sale on Amazon.  The short stories range from 5,000 words to 250 (most are around 1k). There’s no real theme besides them all being clever (hopefully) and short (definitely).

I’m a lot more excited about this than I thought I would be. Before it went live it just seemed like the sensible thing to do. These are all stories I had previously sold to magazines, and now that the rights had reverted back to me it seemed like a good idea to collect them together. Nothing to lose, right? But now that it’s out in the world I feel weirdly sentimental. This book represents hours upon hours of working away, banging on the keyboard as if I was chipping away marble, trying to carve a David from a formless block. It represents my growth as a writer over the years (though a very edited version of that growth – there are some published stories of mine that didn’t make it into this collection, either because I didn’t think they fit the vibe or because I just don’t like them that much anymore). All the hours I spent sending out each story, again and again until they finally landed at the right market. Compared to all that, formatting the stories into one book was easy (that’s also because my good friend and fellow author Lesley Smith did all the work. Thanks Lesley!)

Anyway, back to the book itself:


Shannon Fay presents eight stories of speculative fiction, each one presenting a possible future, a hidden past, or an alternative reality. Whether you’re a robot in love with a long dead historical figure, a time traveler who needs to brush up on this decade’s pop-culture, or an angel of death looking to while away the time between jobs, this book has something for you.